Sleep Success!

Moms from around the United States are raving about Off to Sleep!

Forever Grateful

Lindsay helped me with sleep training my son at around four months old. She was so patient, helpful, understanding, and attentive to his specific needs. He usually slept around 7-8 hours a night - which sounded great in theory - but we knew he needed more. With her help, we were able to get him to sleep 11-12 hours a night consistently, within about 1.5 weeks of working with Lindsay. She made something that felt so daunting so very easy! We are forever grateful for her!

Molly, Mother of Miles (5 Months)

Sleep Magic

I can't say enough amazing things about Lindsay. Honestly, if it weren't for her, my now 9-month-old would probably still be waking me up every couple of hours throughout the night. Lindsay is so patient and was great about working with my family's schedule. She works her magic without any judgement and stayed on top of me throughout our sleep training journey. Thank you Lindsay!

Becca, Mother of Nora (8 Months)

Naps Transition Triumph

I was so scared about the 3 to 2 nap transition. My baby girl was an amazing sleeper and although showing all the signs she was ready for two naps, I was worried all my hard work would go down the drain with this transition.

Lindsay walked me through each nap, each scenario step by step, ensuring I was comfortable with her recommendations every time. Thanks to Lindsay, we were able to get on a schedule that works for my family in less than a week's time!

Shari, Mother of Brie (9 Months)

Restful Sleep in a Week

Lindsay is an incredibly helpful and knowledgeable sleep consultant! My husband and I sought Lindsay's help when we felt like we might never get a full night of sleep again.

Before working with Lindsay, my 10 month old would frequently cry when we put him in the crib and wouldn't sleep through the night without us needing to rock him back to sleep or bringing him to our room.

Within a week, Lindsay guided us through successfully getting our son to sleep in his crib throughout the night! She consistently checked in to see how things were going and offered helpful tips, advice, and encouragement!

I highly recommend Lindsay's help to other exhausted parents!

Niki, Mother of Levi (10 Months)

Lindsay Saved Us

We cannot thank Lindsay enough for all the time and love she gave to our family, Lindsay gave us the best gift we could have ever asked for. She gave us hope, she gave us peace and SLEEP!

Jackson was struggling with multiple chronic health issues since birth, throw in the fact our older son was in his first year of nursery school and Jack was struggling to sleep anywhere but in our arms. When we reached out to Lindsay, we were sleep deprived, stressed, and our nerves were fried with fears for our sons health, but we were desperate. We knew we needed sleep in order to be the best parents to both of our boys.

Lindsay heard all our concerns and learned our schedules in depth (even our older sons drop off and pick times). She helped us navigate our day to day routine, and guided us step by step to help jack thrive. We never felt like we were “sleep training” our baby, instead she introduced us to a stringer more independent Jack, she showed us what he was capable of in the most kind and gentle way. Lindsay supported our entire family through the process and within a week Jack was in his crib and sleeping great! Things still get thrown off track sometimes, but we go back to the basics that Lindsay taught us and we are back on track after just a day or two! Lindsay saved us! We are FOREVER grateful!

Lisa, Mother of Jackson (5 Months)